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The Making of a Champion
Teen Leadership Program

In this best-selling program, Paul J. Meyer presents the message and methodology that develop desire, confidence, and other attitudes required to become a true champion in life. Designed for teenagers and young adults, this 10-lesson program features role models who have demonstrated a passion for success!

  • Become A High Performer
  • Give Direction To Your Dreams
  • Courage Is The Mark Of A Champion
  • Execute With An Achiever's Attitude
The Making of a Champion
Table of Contents
MOC Program Infosheet
ONE: Desire – Where Motivation Begins
TWO: Potential – Realizing Your Abilities
THREE: Personal Goals – Giving Direction To Your Dreams
FOUR: Dedication – Paying The Price
FIVE: Work – Preparation for Victory
SIX: Determination – The Refusal To Quit
SEVEN: Courage – Facing Challenges with Confidence
EIGHT: Concentration And Visualization
NINE: Perspective – Putting The Proper Value On Winning
TEN: An Achiever’s Attitude – A Quest for The Best

Learn about the successes of many of the World's champions!

1. We offer sixty minute, action-oriented training sessions held on a regular weekly basis for five weeks. I faciliate and coach one-on-one or in a small group session. 
2. For your convenience, several options are provided:
  • one-on-one facilitation and coaching via Skype saving time and money traveling to and from a training location
  • onsite at your home in the Austin area
  • onsite at my office facility in North Austin
3. The first session will be ninety minutes, so that I can meet with the parents and student to determine exactly what he or she want to accomplish during the five week program course.  These goals will be the driving force behind our results-centered process.  Once goals are defined, I will work with the parents and student to determine what behaviors and attitudes may need to be strengthen or changed to reach their goals.  We will agree to a triangle of communication for feedback and action. 
4. Each participant will be provided their own The Making of a Champion® ten lesson with plan of action program with audio CDs/MP3 downloads to aid the study and learning process to be used as a complete process