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"My commitment is to coach my clients through their journey of increased productivity and leadership growth.  I'll inspire them to challenge their thinking to build their creativity and innovation capabilities, and help them learn to motivate themselves
to transform into the person they aspire to become!"
                                                                                   - Norma I. Hale, JourneyAh, LLC President









Excerpts from my Client's Testimonial Letters

Norma is a tremendous asset to me!  She has so much industry experience in coaching people, that she truly knows how to guide you toward your goals.  I would recommend anyone trying to organize, manage, or sell to work with Norma. 
- Account Rep - Insurance Company 

Norma helped me to find direction in my business so I could get to the next level in production. She provided me with tools to help me with my time management and insight to prioritize day work/week. She is also the Educator at the Arboretum Master Networks chapter. I received great tips in business practice and leadership skills from Norma while I was in her group. I highly recommend Norma as a Business Coach.
                                                                                                     - Loan Officer - Mortgage Lending Company

Norma, I just wanted to send you a brief update to illustrate to you how The Total Leader management concept is being utilized at our organization.
  • We have been upgrading the level of performance for each team and team member by putting in place methods by which goals are regularly set for both the business and personal expectations of all of our team members with measurable results identified to ensure that those goals are reached. This has improved both the productivity and quality of the work being generated as well as providing my staff with personal insight and a higher level of understanding as to how their current performance can help create opportunity for their future endeavors within our organization and beyond.
  • Even more promising, we are experiencing a change of employment in a key position of the organization. Because both the Board President and I had completed Effective Personal Productivity program, we both saw this as an opportunity to advance our organizational goals and not as a problem. We immediately began to discuss how we would proceed and what type of leader we needed for the position.
  • Further, we took the position to a new level by seeing it as much more...We now envision this as a management position and are actively seeking a candidate who will be capable of contributing much more to the organization. 
- Property Manager - Luxury Condo Property

My decision to being coached by Norma has changed my life at many levels.

  • She listened to my needs and catered the program to address those needs.
  • Every session we had was about how I can use the program to increase my chances of finding an appropriate employment opportunity.
  • I am confident the direction she has shown me and the advice she has given will be extremely helpful for me throughout my life. 
  • I am very grateful for everything that Norma has done for me.
I highly recommend her to anybody looking to increase productivity or bring some structure to their professional lives.
- Director of Finance - National non-profit company

Norma will burrow through your onion layers of B.S. and get to the core of what you need to do. When orchestrating your turnaround, it's good to have a SOLID baseline to work from, Norma is an excellent person to help you do that. I heavily suggest that this woman of substance be the 
one that help you help yourself.

- VFX Artist and Owner - Productions company

Norma has a genuine interest and exceptional flair for helping others to reach their full potential.
  • I have met with her on a weekly basis for more than four months.
  • Whatever the challenge I share with Norma, she always brings her creativity, vast experience, and common sense to bear on the problem at hand.
  • By striking the right balance between empathy and firmness, she invariably helps me to unearth a productive way to tackle the obstacles in my path – both professionally and personally.
  • Norma has transformed how I think about leadership, and she continues to help me to develop a leadership style that I feel comfortable with.
  • The fact that I am now working through a THIRD course with Norma speaks volumes about her immense capabilities!
- Associate Director - Research/Medical Center

Norma is an exceptional professional development coach. She caters the program to your current needs and provides tremendous support and encouragement to ensure you get the most out of the program. I highly recommend her to any individual or organization looking for a training and development expert.

- Finance & Strategy Consultant - Technology

I took the LMI Effective Personal Productivity program suggested by Norma, and have learned a lot about myself.

  • I am applying what I have learned to my business and personal life.
  • I recommend this not just as a training for business purposes but as learning how others see you and how to make changes that will improve not only your business life but your family life as well.
Thank you Norma for the progress that you have aspired me to incorporate into my not so young life.
- Business Owner - Bookkeeping and Tax Service

Dear Norma, Thank you for introducing me to The Total Leader Effective Personal Productivity. To say that the course offered many “aha” moments and thoughts would be an absolute understatement of the effect that this program and lesson has had on me.

  • I particularly enjoyed the combination of audio lessons, written text, applicable coursework, and personal attention that the course and you provided.
  • The course provided very helpful lessons applicable to both career and personal life that can be utilized to increase productivity through setting and achieving goals, managing priorities, and through communication.
  • Some of the lessons and techniques that I learned in this course were completely different from those that I was implementing which were true eye openers...
  • While Effective Personal Productivity itself is a valuable tool, it was the personal attention and coaching that you provided that is the true value behind this system.
Having you as a personal coach and mentor will ensure that I continue to grow and achieve the goals that I have set. I look forward to my next course and my future challenges.
- Property Manager - Luxury Condo Property

Dear Norma, Thank you so much for everything that you did to make the “Effective Personal Productivity” course such a positive experience for me.
  • As you know, I had some initial reservations about whether I would have sufficient time to devote to it. However, I was happily surprised at how easy it was to fit into my schedule.
  • The audio lessons were extremely helpful and sufficiently open-ended to appeal to a broad audience. I plan to return to those every few months, and expect to discover new gems or take different lessons from the wisdom and insight they contain.
  • In addition, I found our one-on-one meetings especially helpful. On more than a few occasions, you asked me some very perceptive questions, left me to fill in the details of how that was a critical area for my growth as a leader, and prompted me to come up with a realistic next step to tackle the issue.
  • So I always felt that I had complete buy-in to the solution. You were always firm but supportive – and never preachy.
  • I feel invigorated, and ready to take on challenges that seemed overwhelming only 5 weeks ago. And that is because I now see a way forward.
  • The “Effective Personal Productivity” program far exceeded my expectations.
I was so impressed that I have signed up for LMI’s “Effective Strategic Leadership” Course. I look forward to continuing my journey of growth and discovering more of my latent leadership potential.
- Associate Director - Research/Medical Center

Dear Norma, Just a few words of thanks for all you have helped me learn through LMI’s “Effective Strategic Management” course.

  • I have started implementing the most important themes of the program with our team, and am now confident that we have a clear path to defining our path forward and aligning our goals with those of our institution.
  • With your knack for adapting the advice in the lessons to highlight very specific and actionable steps I could take, I have identified some clear milestones against which both I can measure my growth as a leader and the team can measure our progress in delivering better service.
You have both a genuine interest in guiding your clients to succeed and a wealth of experience in a range of business settings.
- Associate Director - Research/Medical Center

Dear Norma, Please accept this letter as an expression of my indebtedness to you for the introduction and successful journey through LMI’s program, Effective Personal Productivity.
  • Your knowledge, experience, and candid advice was invaluable to revitalize my inner core belief in myself as a solid and productive leader. 
  • Most everyone from time to time will find themselves in a motivational slump. Although I had not realized that my attitude, self-image, and communication skills had weakened over the years, this program combined with your enthusiastic support helped me to recognize the necessity for improvement.
  • It was not only this recognition that was helpful, but also through a variety of steps – proven concepts along with new systems – I was able to emerge as a revitalized team player and poised leader.
  • Appreciation of my behavior and behavior of others to significantly improve communication where everyone walks away with an inordinate feeling of collaboration.
- Logistics Manager - Import and Export company

Dear Norma, I am writing this letter so that others will know how good you are.

  • As a result of taking your productivity course and your expert coaching, I have increased my production by 78% in the last seven months.
  • I had the best month ever in October and was able to reach ... next award level of Chairman's Council.
  • I received national recognition by being listed in the ... top 50.
  • I am ready for your phase II course.
- Sr. Vice President - Investments company

Have you ever met someone by "accident" but they have become a guide to you in putting your life back on track? Well, I met Norma a few months ago "accident" and my life has never been the same.
  • She has offered me mentoring and coaching programs through JourneyAh that has transformed my life.
  • I talked about being in management but Norma has laid out how this works and most important showed me how to work it out.
  • Since then I was promoted to Assistant Director in my job and is currently planning a mission trip to Jamaica this December to give back.
  • I am excited to see what the next lessons will teach me and push me into achieving.
She is an awesome leader to follow! I definitely would recommend Norma Hale from JourneyAh to mentor and coach you.
- Assistant Director - Education / Associate Minister / IT Consultant / Business Owner
Personal LinkedIn Recommendations
Norma was a fantastic facilitator for our Training and Development team while we worked at Master Networks. Even when the agenda was destroyed Norma could be counted on to deliver a detailed and insightful training to the team. It was actually in these moments that my respect for her talents grew. Anyone can prepare a training and regurgitate maxims from business greats for a few minutes. But to take on a topic completely unprepared and not only teach it but coach people through role play on the spot takes a deep understanding of what you are doing. Couldn't recommend her highly enough. - CEO - Commercial Videography and Filmmaking Company

Norma Hale is woman of insight.  She is empowered to bring out the best in people and organizations.  I have worked for 20 + years with C-level executives and observed Norma's proven results within this group. What a career pivot Norma has achieved "transferring skill from one conveyance to another".  Norma has channeled right into her sweet spot "leadership and management"! - Enterprise Account Manager - Communications

I have known Norma Hale for more than 12 years. Norma Hale is a woman of incredible integrity and passion for community enrichment. She values the hard work of nonprofit organizations and understands the myriad of opportunities and challenges that nonprofit organizations face today. She delivers wide-ranging diversified skills and demonstrates strong value in strategic application and vision. Norma is lively and fun to be around. She exudes a vast amount of passion that is enviable and inspiring to all those she comes into contact with. Norma has gone through IBM university as she is a retiree and now owns her own business as President/Franchise Owner at JourneyAh. Transparency, understanding, critical thinking, strategic vision, compassion and guided direction based on knowledge and expertise are among many of Norma's skills and competencies. Norma delivers invaluable resources personally and professionally. Take the time to get to know Norma and benefit from her myriad of resources. - Corporate Citizenship Manager - Technology company

Over the past few years, Norma has been an invaluable mentor to me in both my career and my personal life. She has helped guide my career path and provided me insight into the business world that I would not have received any other way. Norma has also helped in establishing connections that have helped guide the direction I have taken with my roles. Leading by example, Norma is hard working and never fails to exceed expectations, her guidance in effective research has served as a tool I leverage often. As a mentor and a role model, Norma has been great to work with and I hope to find opportunities to work together again in the future! - Offering Manager - Technology company

If you are looking for an innovative leader to help you with your leadership programs, I highly recommend reaching out to Norma Hale.  Great person and resource. - General Manager - Insurance company

Talented, driven and highly motivated! I have worked closely with Norma for almost a decade now and continue to be impressed with her desire to learn and excel at everything she does. Norma is an inspiration to all of us. - Venture Capitalist - Technology companies

Norma accepted my request to be a mentor and allocated her time from very her busy schedule for our one on one's. Moving from SWG to GBS to take on a new opportunity 4 years back gave me the pleasure of discussing my career rants and raves with Norma whenever we could squeeze the opportunity. The interesting thing was that Norma and I never knew each other or met before, I was taking on a position which was new to me and by chance I stumbled into Norma through sametime. She was then a "Business Analyst" with Watson group. I still tell my fellow colleagues, of 
how, she responded to a "ping" and took the time to guide me multiple times. Norma was a great asset to IBM and now I wish her the best in her new journey and passion. - Senior Managing Consultant - Technology company

Norma Hale is a seasoned leader who has successfully shepherded 2 startups into profitable buyout along with founders. She is an acknowledged mentor and connector in the technology community. She has worked at IBM for a number of years. - Consultant/President - Technology company

Norma managed and mentored our 2013 intern group for IBM Watson. Going straight from the classroom to an organization of 380,000+ people can be overwhelming, and Norma helped make that transition easier. She was definitely a subject matter expert and constantly shared what she knew. She also ensured we had access to all the necessary resources, training, people/expertise that would help us learn about work-related things. She patiently advised and coached on technical skills and professional skills. Norma did all the groundwork and set us up to be successful interns. Norma always has a "how can I help" attitude, and even when she may not have the answer at her fingertips she will go to great lengths to find relevant information that can help out. She does all her tasks with a smile on her face. This is something I try to learn from her. Norma is very approachable, and a bundle of knowledge. I still reach out for her advice and guidance. - Design Researcher & UX Designer - Technology company

Norma is a long time, awesome advocate for SafePlace. Through her excellent skills as a connector and networker, she has leveraged and provided funding and resources for our work to address and prevent domestic/sexual violence. Norma's generosity with her expertise and insights has also benefited us. She is an asset for any agency that seeks to strengthen the community, and we're proud and grateful for her support! - Granter Writer - Non-profit organization

Norma is excellent. I have seen her take a barrier a client was having, dissect it, then resolve it with no prior preparation. Anyone can read instructions out of a textbook and if given enough time, give you some sort of a solution. It takes someone is truly skilled in their profession to be able to calmly and gracefully field questions like that! She really knows her stuff! - CEO - Commercial videography

Norma is a delightful lady with a perpetual smile. One of the best relationship-oriented people I have ever met. She is truly a great person to work with and would enhance any position that required interfacing with important, influential people. - Manager - Franchising company